LED TyreCheckers

tyre pressure correct

 Tyre pressure is correct

tyre pressure low

 Tyre pressure is low

So imagine if you could accurately check your tyres pressure at a glance! Now you can by simply replacing the standard dust cap on your tyres with LED Tyrecheckers®.

**New Version**
The new version will be more of a lifetime purchase now with replaceable batteries. Compatible replacement batteries are available in the shopping cart below. The new version batteries will last approx the same time i.e. 6 weeks of continuous flashing (i.e. this is for under inflated tyres only, you do not use batteries at all if tyres are at the correct pressure), but you can now replace them, if the LED light is getting very dim. Battery cost approx $1.50 each. The unit can now be recalibrated for different tyre pressures ( last version was first time calibration only, so now you can move units from one car to another). Also the new version will have a Silicon dustcover which remarkably increases the viewing angle and thus the brightness and visibility of the LED, as well as offering extra protection for the cap unit itself.

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