iCheck TPMS – Signal Booster

$59.00 (incl. GST)

The iCheckTPMS signal booster is perfect for long vehicles such as caravans, RV’s and motor homes or in vehicles with a lot of electronic interference.

It is only needed if there is a poor signal due to the distance between the most rear wheels to the monitor. Generally it is not needed unless the distance is greater than 7-8 meters.

When installing the signal booster, it should be ideally located somewhere between the rear most wheels and the monitor. In most cases, at the front of the caravan is ideal as this is the most central location.

The iCheckTPMS signal booster operates from the 12 to 24V vehicle power supply and is supplied with a fuse-protected connecting lead.

Installation is easy as it only needs to be connected to a negative and positive power source.


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