Muc Off Bike and Wheel Wash 1L

$30.00 (incl. GST)

All over Wheel & Bike Cleaner, NanoTech formulation  which cuts through grime while protecting your tyre’s finish.




All over Wheel Cleaner, which cuts through grime while protecting your tyre’s finish

  • Specifically designed to be a frequent wash formula – ideal for new wheels
  • Safe and easy to use. Spray on, wash off, no sweat
  • Fully biodegradable, alkaline based
  • Removes: brake dust, road grime and dirt deposits quickly and safely.
  • Muc-Off cares for your wheels, it won’t break down your rims clear coat finish, leaving the whole wheel sparkling clean! Preventing the build up of dirt and grime.

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Weight 0.95 kg

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