Sensatyre Wireless TPMS (10 Wheels)

$1,050.00 (incl. GST)

TPMS with internally fitted sensors (straps around rims).
Highly reliable for critical environments.
Extra aerial and wiring does 4/6 wheels plus dual axel trailer plus spares.

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Tyres can be expensive, prevent costly tyre damage and roadside repairs with the user-friendly tyre monitoring system from SensaTyre. With SensaTyre you can monitor your tyre pressure and temperature all from within the comfort of your vehicle.

What’s Included in the Kit?

  • 1x monitor plus aerial (can expand up to 14 wheels…extra sensors $80 each)
  • Cigarette power lead and hard wire lead
  • Dash mount bracket and suction windscreen bracket
  • 10x sensors and mounting hardware (strap includes sensor and battery goes internally around the rim)
  • 2x Remote antenna
  • 2x 1.5m RG58 Lead
  • 2x Coaxial Lead couplers
  • 2x 2m & 2x6m Coaxial Lead


  • Special design to support Bus, Truck and Trailer
  • Simultaneously display all wheels’ tyre pressure and temperature.
  • Preference setting of warning value available
  • User-friendly digital receiver interface
  • High reliability for critical environments

sensatyre receiverReceiver Specifications

  • Supports:   4-14 wheels
  • Frequency:   433 MHz
  • Showing Data:   Pressure / Temp
  • Operating Temp:   -20°~70°C / -4°~158°F
  • Storage Temp:   -30°~80°C / -22°~176°F
  • Operating Voltage:   DC 9V~16V

TPMS Sensatyre Internal sensor on strap

Strap On Sensor Specifications

  • Pressure Range 0~80 PSI/0~5.5 Bar/0~552 Kpa
  • Frequency 433MHz
  • Sense Data Pressure / TOperating Temp. -40°C~125°C / -40°F~257°F
  • Storage Temp. -40°C~125°C / -40°F~257°F
  • Operating Humidity 0~100%
  • Battery 500mAH
  • Battery Life 7 years
  • Weight 30g


Additional information

Weight 2 kg

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