Wheel Nut Indicators – 38 to 45mm Deep-Extender Pointer on Top MOQ 100x

$199.00 (incl. GST)

For Alloy Wheels with recessed nuts. Comes in Nut Size 19,21,22,27,30,32,33mm

Extension length increases from 38mm for the smaller Nut size up to 45mm Extension for the larger nut size

Visually detects any loose wheel nuts and detect overheated brakes or bearings.

Condition: New product

You MUST select your wheel nut size (best checked by using a spanner) in the pull down menu before you can Add to Cart.

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Indicators can be used on any nut and bolt which requires observation.

Reduce fleet downtime and costs – increase safety – now.

Our loose wheel nut indicators and other road transport safety systems help you:

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce vehicle downtime
  • Save on cost of parts
  • Reduce employee and public injury
  • Visually detect overheating brakes
  • Turn additional wheel re torquing into a simple visual inspections
Fit the wheel nut indicator on the nuts in a uniform pattern. Any pattern may be used as long as any movement is clearly visible.
Ensure the wheel nut indicator pointer has room to move and is not aligned against the rim.

General Features:

  • Our Wheel Nut Indicators (WNI) are made in Australia especially for the Australian environment. All our WNI are designed for each particular truck nut size so no chance of loose movement and false indications. Unlike other zip tie, clips, rachet systems out there, our system are easily pushed onto each nut that then fits to all 6 points of a hexagon nut, meaning each indicator is robust and secure.They are tough, made from anti-fade UV stabilized polymers and numbered to show you at a glance the nut size. The default colour is a bright safety yellow. They can be cleaned using any available detergent solutions or kerosene and are unaffected by road salts or petrochemicals.The edges of the yellow WNI are heat sensitive so will begin to go brown when the nut gets to a temp of 123 to 125 deg Celcius. They provide a service constant visual indication of any loosening wheel nuts and also help indicate overheating brakes or possibly bearing problems ( this one depends on the amount of heat dissipation).This generally means if wheel nut is getting this hot, you have a brake or maybe a bearing problem. Again saving your maintenance time and money, with an easy visual pickup.There is also a high temp version that can go up to 150 degrees, it is white…same price…but these are normally only used on Garbage Trucks or trucks with history of high brake temperature.

Best to choose your size wheelnut with an exact fitting socket.

If nut is recessed on rim, easiest to place a screwdriver down the side of bolt to get approx mm of recess depth.

wheel nut indicators safe or unsafe

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Nut size / extension length

19mm nut (38mm Ext), 21mm nut (38mm Ext), 22mm nut (38mm Ext), 27mm nut (40mm Ext), 21mm nut (40mm Ext), 30mm nut (40mm Ext), 32mm nut (45mm Ext), 33mm nut (45mm Ext)

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